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Consider these features while you shop

For a versatile workout that will get you fit and keep you coming back for more, an elliptical trainer is a machine that beginners and serious athletes can count on. Read about features and benefits of ellipticals.

No impact

Ergonomic design takes the load off of your back and knees. This delivers an ideal workout if you’re recovering from injury or looking for a low-impact form of cross training.

Low pedal height

Most ellipticals have a low pedal height, which makes it easy to get on and get going.

Natural stride

The shape of the pedals and natural stride length work with your anatomy and range of motion to make exercising easier and recovery time shorter.

Cross training

Ellipticals provide a natural complement to outdoor running and walking They offer runners a low-imact, indoor alternative.

Strengthen a variety of muscles

You can add power to your workout and cross-train your upper body by using the swinging handlebars, or you can challenge your stability by taking your hands away from the machine.

You can also cross train by pedaling in a reverse motion. This helps strengthen your posterior and address the muscle imbalances that can develop from non-stop running and cycling workouts.


Since there is no motor involved, ellipticals are surprisingly quiet. You can watch TV or listen to music without cranking up the volume or disrupting the rest of your house.


A quality elliptical frame will provide a smooth, natural motion that will stay solid and stable during your toughest workouts.

Convienent & Compact

Save more space with the smallest elliptical available. Take advantage of club-quality features in a small footprint to better fit your home.

Make sure to take a look “under the hood”

  • A good elliptical should have a durable, high-quality frame.
  • Look for a balanced flywheel, which will allow it to spin more efficiently and provide you with a natural, more fluid motion, reducing impact and jarring.
  • A comfortable stride length (at least 18 inches) will provide you with a more natural movement and smooth, powerful workout.
  • An easy-to-use console with programs that fit your fitness needs lets you get moving quickly for every workout.
  • With entertainment features like speakers and audio inputs, getting fit has never been more comfortable or more fun.
  • An incline option is also available on some machines to take your workouts to the next level.

Whether you're planning to lose a few pounds or are just trying to stay healthy, an elliptical can keep you comfortable and challenged.

Easy to get moving

A low pedal height makes it easy to get on and get going. Most people are surprised by how easy it is to get started!

Natural stride

A long stride length replicates your natural stepping movement, making your workout efficient and comfortable.

Low impact

The natural standing position of the elliptical trainer lets you work hard with little impact on your joints and back. That means better results in less time.

Helpful feedback

User-friendly consoles can help motivate you. You can see the distance covered, check your speed and even use the heart rate monitor to gauge your effort level. This helps you monitor your progress and set realistic goals.

You know regular exercise is important and you want a workout regimen that's easy to start and maintain.

Functional movement

The natural stride length and upright position mimics your body's natural posture, and the elliptical motion replicates your natural footpath.

Easy on your body

The low pedal height allows you to start and finish your workout without struggling with balance or knee issues.

Progress and tracking

A variety of pre-programmed workouts and an easy-to-use console offer ways to add challenge as you grow stronger. Interactive consoles and intuitive apps will even let you download your workouts for sharing or to track your progress over time.


Most elliptical brands have options for audio inputs, fans and speakers.

Whether you're front and center in your favorite group exercise class or tackling your first triathlon, you're looking for an indoor workout that can challenge you without adding impact to your already-full training schedule.

Track your intensity

User-friendly consoles make it easy to replicate the cardiovascular challenge of your favorite training days without traveling to a gym or hitting the pavement. They can also track your distance, pace per mile and effort level, all of which make it easier to get going and keep going on those days you'd rather just stay home. You can monitor results directly on the console or download your workouts to share with others.


Ellipticals offer features like audio inputs, fans and speakers that keep you comfortable and entertained.

Variety and convenience

Ellipticals are also a great option for recovery days or for an low-impact way to add quality training to your schedule. Replicate your favorite outdoor workout with press-and-go settings for hills, intervals and more. You can always choose to use the manual settings for fully customizable options that let you decide your training needs.