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Software Updates

Our technology team is always looking for ways to improve overall functionality. The latest console software updates are available to download onto a blank USB drive from the links below and upload to your console through the USB port. Please follow this video for detailed instructions:

Software Update Instructions Video

Matrix Fitness software updates

Model Software
XR Consoles v9.011
XER Consoles v1.4.8.2
XIR Consoles v1.4.8.2

What’s New

The XR update includes bug fixes and enhancements.

The XER/XIR update includes the exciting addition of four new entertainment apps: Spotify, Instagram, PressReader and Card Games Solitaire Suite. In addition, the update includes bug fixes and enhancements, including the following:

  • Increases maximum workout time from 120 to 480 minutes
  • Improves functionality of MyFitnessPal and Facebook apps
  • Improves wake-up from Energy Saver mode
  • Fixes safety key screen pop-up error
  • Fixes crashes
  • Removes Hulu due to Hulu service and performance issues